Lago Del Rey, Camarines Sur

Right after our Caramoan Nature Adventure, we headed to one of the most visited water park in Camarines Sur:  Lago del Rey. It is another man made water park intended to balance the extreme wake boarding on its adjacent cable park in Camarines Watersport Complex, also known as CWC. It boast of many family game activities such as kayaking, water volleyball, jet skiing, paddling, swimming, and also wake boarding.
The hardest part was from the water to the green platform below.

From Sabang Port, we rented a van to CWC and arrived there almost 4 in the afternoon.

We immediately rented 1 hour access and make ourselves busy with the obstacle float in the park.
The water is nice except for the weeds that's kinda scary when they somehow grace your skin. There are fishes in the lake too.

Ron and Jay had a race on some of the float as I was too tired transfering to one float to another.
Here are some of our pictures.
Jay, Ron and Me
Luckily, one of the lifeguard assisted us and was kind enough to be our photographer.

First time to try Planking : )
 amazing jumpshot of me...
Bouncing in the trampoline 

 I had a really hard time getting on the float so Jay helped me for about 10 mins of my struggle. (About time to have my diet)

Posing with kuya Leo
Top of the Big Iceberg
We really had fun at Lago del Rey.

Off we go to our last adventure in Camarines Sur, the famous cable park in CWC.

Budget: Php 350

Park Ratings:

Type of Trip: Fun/Activity

Water : 2 stars                         
     - The plants on the water is itchy and irritating
Cleanliness: 4 stars                   
     - maintained by the operators
Value: 2 stars                           
     - since your in the complex, why not try it
Fun: 3.5
     - Tramploine, Volleyball, Limbo rockFood:                                  
     - A couple of eatery on the Sabang port serves plain bland dishes : 0.5
     - CWC resto serves affordable tasty meals : 3Ease of Travel:                      
     - From Sabang to CWC : 1.5 - there's no regular trip, must rent a van
     - From Naga to CWC : 5  - Free trip every 3 hoursPrice: 4
     - Affordable entrance for an hour enjoyment
Amenities : 2
     - Portable bathrooms stinks
Resorts/Rooms/Cottages : 4
    - CWC has its own resort composed of villas to humble nipa huts.
People/Service: 5
    - Accommodating staff happy to serve or take pictures of you!

"Wet Playgrounds"


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