Camarines Sur Watersport Complex (CWC)

Wake boarding here I come...

Lago Del Rey, Camarines Sur

Right after our Caramoan Nature Adventure, we headed to one of the most visited water park in Camarines Sur:  Lago del Rey. It is another man made water park intended to balance the extreme wake boarding on its adjacent cable park in Camarines Watersport Complex, also known as CWC. It boast of many family game activities such as kayaking, water volleyball, jet skiing, paddling, swimming, and also wake boarding.
The hardest part was from the water to the green platform below.

From Sabang Port, we rented a van to CWC and arrived there almost 4 in the afternoon.

Caramoan Islands, Caramoan, Camarines Sur

I really don't like the wilderness at first....but Caramoan change all that. The Islands, the happy and hospitable people, the breeze of salty air,the pure white sand,the clear water and the majestic view. Whew! Breathtaking...

The unexploited islands of Caramoan are exquisite and stunning. I will never forget this trip because there were several First Time I did here.First land travel for 9 long hours, first rock climbing, first time to stay on a remote island, first time to sleep in a tent, and first time to experience extreme horror!

The travelers were Jay - a high school buddy, Ron - a true blooded adventurer (this is the second time we met, the first was on Puting Buhangin,Quezon) and finally Me. Ron called this "Triple-Trip-Tripan".
Cagbalinag Island, Caramoan, Camarines Sur
Me, Ron and Jay