Caramoan Islands, Caramoan, Camarines Sur

I really don't like the wilderness at first....but Caramoan change all that. The Islands, the happy and hospitable people, the breeze of salty air,the pure white sand,the clear water and the majestic view. Whew! Breathtaking...

The unexploited islands of Caramoan are exquisite and stunning. I will never forget this trip because there were several First Time I did here.First land travel for 9 long hours, first rock climbing, first time to stay on a remote island, first time to sleep in a tent, and first time to experience extreme horror!

The travelers were Jay - a high school buddy, Ron - a true blooded adventurer (this is the second time we met, the first was on Puting Buhangin,Quezon) and finally Me. Ron called this "Triple-Trip-Tripan".
Cagbalinag Island, Caramoan, Camarines Sur
Me, Ron and Jay

Here's how we got there

  • From Alabang, ride a bus going to Naga City or directly to Sabang
  • From Naga city, ride a jeep or van going to Sabang
  • From Sabang Port, ride a ferry boat to Caramoan Port
  • From Caramoan Port, ride a trike to Central or contact the person or resort you availed
We left Alabang around 10:00 in the evening and arrive in Naga city around 5:00 in the morning. Dont worry cause there's definitely some stop-overs to cater those full baldders. Then, we immediately took a jeep ride going to Sabang that almost took us a 3 and a half hours ride.

Sabang port have daily trips to Caramoan every 6:00 am, 8:00 am and 11:00 am, so be sure to leave Naga not later than 8 in the morning. We arrived around 9:30 and missed the 2nd trip, I suggest that if a van is available, be sure to get it rather than a jeep cause it will consume a lot of time from the commuters along the way. ( I really suggest to take the Bus from Manila to Sabang or directly to Caramoan by RORO).

Ron boarding the ferry

The ferry boat leaves around 11:15 and it takes approximately 2 hours.

Jay prepares for the ride
We also got a glimpse of the majestic Mayon Volcano, famous for its perfect cone shape.

Mayon Volcano

We arrived at Sabang Port past 1:00, and Mang Rey, our contact tour guide immediately assisted us, and prepared a trike that will take us to his humble home.Mang Rey doesn't normally give meals for his tourist (except if it is included in the package) but it was a coincidence that the town was having it's fiesta and he prepared a small feast for us before we explore the islands.

Mang Rey's boat
The first island we visited was Hunongan Islands.

The Trio
Rocks at Hunongan Isle
Our first dip

Then visited Cagbalinag Island, where there's a giant rock as its centerpiece.

 be careful Ron
We also got to see the Gota Village and the Island where the Survivor shot their tribal council.
Speaking of survivor, a lot of their international franchise happened in Caramoan. Survivor Serbia for two consecutive season, Survivor IsraelSurvivor Bulgaria, Robinson 2010         ( Swedish version of Survivor), Koh-Lanta season 8 ( French version), and Survivor India, which was the last country to shot before we arrived. It is rumored that Survivor USA or Israel will be next to shoot on the Islands. It is advisable to inquire first if there will be a shoot on your planned dates to not spoil your vacation.

Gota Village
Next to explore is the Lahus Island.

Lahus Island can be described as white sand between two rock formations. The side facing the pacific has sturdy waves while on the other side, where much of the other islands are located is tranquil.

the island behind me is Catanduanes

Lahus side facing Catanduanes
Lahus facing the rest of Caramoan

Just right of Lahus is a turtle like island

The last Island we visited was the Matukad Island, where we spent the rest of the day.

Matukad have the finest sand among all other island we visited. It also has its eerie story of some fish. Mang Rey told us that the lagoon in this Island is the home of a large milkfish (kinda remind me of Avatar, the yin and the yang).It is said that originally there were two milk fish but a local fisherman caught the fish and fed it to his family and died. Mang Rey told us not to believe in it. We asked the caretaker of the Island, Manong, if the legend is true and He said that there were two milk fish back then.

Originally, staying overnight in Matukad is forbidden. It is a private property owned by the Governor, but thanks to Ron she managed to get the approval of Mang Rey and Manong.

We were the only one's which were given approval to stay on the Island and was advised to build up the tent (inside, not to be seen on the shore)  aroung six in the evening. We are at Matukad before four, so we took a quick nap to rest our tired bodies. We woke past five and the other visitors were leaving, still we were hesitant to build up the tent until the rain comes and we quickly construct the tent to save our baggage from being wet.

In the end, we were the one's who got soaked in the cold rain. Rain water were dripping on our clothes after we finished the tent, so we take a quick swim and they were surprised that the water is still warm, so as an engineer, (NERD ALERT!)I told them that molecules of water are somwhow loosen unlike of those of solid which are close to each other. By convection and conduction.. so on... We swam until the rain brought two of its friends: Lightning and Thunder, we ran immediately to the shore.

After the rain stopped, we cooked rice, opened some canned goods for dinner and heated some water for coffee.

Naturally there is no electricity, but nature has its way to light things up: the fireflies. They were numerous as if they are lighting the whole island and like Christmas light on the trees. A very awe-inspiring sight. Sadly, as much I wanted to share a photo of the insects, much to my dismay, I was unable to get a shot (even if there's no flash)

I think I got one in here
Fireflies were all over, too bad I cannot get a shot.
Then, we drank two bottles of vodka to somehow heat our body.

After drinking, the three of us curled up in the tent to get some sleep.This is when things got really scary     ( for me).

It was extremely dark, no star can be seen as it was oftentimes raining and the sound of insects can only be heard. I was able to sleep for only 3 hours until my knee hurt of too much bending inside the tent. My eyes are closed but I'm wide awake trying to sleep again, that was when I heard something unusual. The cooking kit Ron brought were being used as if someone is eating and there's possibly someone playing with the bottle as I can hear them being hit of some sort. I focused if my mind is playing tricks on me and it wasn't. I started to pray many times but the noise weren't going away. I was afraid to open my eyes. It started to rain again and thunder can now be heard, I can feel lightning as its flashes on my close eyelids.

My heart was pounding as I opened my eyes waiting for the lightning  and hoping to see a silhouette of someone... but there's no one. It scared the hell out of me. I wanted to get up and open the tent but I just couldn't.

I was unaware that Ron was awake and she finally got up and opened the tent to investigate the sounds. She used a mini flashlight and was surprised whats the source of the scary disturbance. The frightful cause was some....
(Dont worry, we cleaned our mess early in the morning)

Morning at last, some bread for breakfast and were off to see the milk fish in the lagoon. Off to go rock climbing.

rock-climbing time

Top of the lagoon

Matukad's Lagoon
The famous milk fish rumored to protect the Island

The lagoon can be seen at the top of the rocks, but one must go deep down to fully look at the place.

Going down

We're sweating a lot so we took our last swim.

Powdery white sand.

We text Mang Rey to pick us up at 10 in the morning. So we could catch the last trip to Sabang port at 12 noon.

Bye for now...Off to Lago del Rey and Camarines Sur Watersport Complex

This is got to be a good life

Budget: Php 4000

Beach Ratings:

Type of Trip: Nature/Adventure

Sand: 5 stars                       
     - Powdery white sand
Water : 5 stars                         
     - Crystal clear waters
Cleanliness: 4.5 stars                   
     - Almost untouched by humans
Value: 4 stars                           
     - Worth the money to visit
Water Supply: 0                                 
     - No potable water and one must bring own drinking water. 1 Bathroom
Food: 0.5                                  
     - A couple of eatery on the Sabang port serves plain bland dishes.
Ease of Travel: 1.5                      
     - long travel by land and sea
Price: 2.5
     - Expensive trip
Amenities : 1.5
     - Snorkeling
Resorts/Rooms/Cottages : 2
    - Gota village is the only resort on the place

"A must visit place said to match the sands of Boracay"


Waahhh, ang ganda chard! Can't wait for our Palawan Getaway! :)


Wow Ang ganda :) I wanna go there din soon :)
BTW, I followed you nga pala :)


The Caramoan Islands looks amazing!
You've got a pretty cool blog.
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