Puting Buhangin Kwebang Lampas, Pagbilao, Quezon

This trip was awkward yet rewarding. For all the reason I should not be here in this paradise, BUT yes, It was destiny.

Puting Buhangin
It all began in a coffee session at Starbucks when my close friends Star and Jay, asked me to come to this 1-day tour in Quezon. I did hesitate at first cause of my morning work schedule for tomorrow (Monday) and my mentality that it is  far away from Manila. After hours of convincing, they were able to force me to say OK! It took us only 4 hours to pack things up and leave.

Here's how we got there:
From Alabang, we rode a Bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal (two and a half of almost flying bus ride). In the terminal, I got to meet 17 anonymous yet friendly peeps.